What is EZ-RYDR?


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EZ-RYDR is a safer, more unique ridesharing company.  Our mobile app-based service offers a subscription component in addition to paying per ride.  It's like a college student's meal plan for transportation.  You can either pay per ride or choose from one of our tiered subscription plans (COMING SOON - you will only see a flat subscription price at the moment).  Forget budgeting for a safe ride since it's already paid for, which should completely remove impaired driving as an option! 

Three entities configure the core of EZ-RYDR:  Drivers, RYDRs, and our mobile application. 


    • SAFE & RELIABLE - Our driver base will undergo more strict vetting processes than other ridesharing companies, including in-person interviews, in-transit driver evaluations, and more strict background checks.  Combine this with our unique, enriched, incentive-driven compensation plan and drivers will strive to provide the safest, most reliable service possible!

    • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS - We want to promote an inclusive and welcoming culture that results in a healthy relationship with our Driver base.  Potential drivers will undergo an informal, face-to-face interview and in-vehicle evaluation with EZ-RYDR personnel.  Corners will not be cut when it comes to safety, providing quality customer service, or making sure our drivers feel like they are an integral part of EZ-RYDR's success.

    • SUPERIOR COMPENSATION - Now the best part – compensation!  We want EZ-RYDR to be a platform for Drivers to meet personal financial goals.  Drivers will take home 75% of all ride fees PLUS 100% of tips.  Drivers will also be eligible for Driver Performance-Based Bonuses!  A percentage of EZ-RYDR’s profits will be reserved to reward Drivers for their exceptional service and operational efficiency.  Compensation details can be found HERE. 

  • RYDRs

    • EZ-RYDR's subscription-based model provides a safer, more convenient transportation alternative for you.  Enjoy all of the advantages of being a RYDR.

      • SAFETY - All financially driven transportation decisions are removed.  No more worries about surge charges or per-ride transactions. 

      • RELIABILITY - Sick of waiting forever for a driver to be available?  Worry no more.  Servicing a niche market with a subscription-based structure allows EZ-RYDR to actively maintain a right-sized driver base, promoting a more reliable service to meet demand.

      • COST EFFICIENCY - Avoid thousands in DUI costs, avoid problems with limited parking availability, and eliminate all annual vehicle expenses (fuel, maintenance, insurance, car note, parking stickers, and parking tickets).


    • Enjoy our user-friendly mobile app that includes a few unique features that support EZ-RYDR's core values.

    • PRE-ARRANGED RIDES - Know you have to be somewhere at 8 AM tomorrow?  You can request an on-demand ride through OR schedule a pre-arranged ride through the app!  You will be notified once a Driver has accepted your on-demand request or been assigned to you in for pre-scheduled rides.  Include comments about any time constraints or trip requirements to ensure you make it to your destination on time!

    • IN-APP PANIC/EMERGENCY/SOS FEATURE - Experiencing a mid-trip medical emergency or feel like your safety is at risk?  Tap the SOS button in the EZ-RYDR app and a pre-populated list of contacts will be informed of your real-time location.  Local authorities and EZ-RYDR administration will also be immediately notified to ensure prompt response to the matter!