How EZ-RYDR Works

EZ-RYDR strives to provide a platform that is user-friendly, welcoming, and exceeds driver and RYDR expectations.  


Ready to hit the road and start driving EZ? Our driver app is easy to use and is designed with features that let you choose when and where you drive at your own convenience.


You have the flexibility to work whenever you want!  So whenever you're ready to drive, open the app and shift the bar to make yourself "ONLINE" making you recognizable to potential RYDRs.  At this point, you'll be able to receive ride requests.  


Once you made yourself active, you will automatically begin to receive ride requests from RYDRs near you.  The app will notify you when a request comes in and you’ll be able to see the passenger’s photo, location, and average rating. Just follow the prompt to accept the ride and you'll be on your way!


Once you have accepted the ride request, the EZ-RYDR Driver App will provide you with in-app navigation to your RYDR's pickup location.  Once you've picked them up and initiated the ride in the app, you will transport them to their destination.  Approximate arrive time, remaining distance, and remaining time will all be visible mid-transit.  


After you’ve completed a trip, you will be able to see exact fares for each trip.  You will also be able to see a detailed summary of your weekly and monthly earnings wiithin the app or on your Driver web profile.  The EZ-RYDR Driver App will also allow you to assign yourself to pre-arranged rides, helping you make the most of your "active" time and maximizing your earning potential.   

Compensation payments will be distributed electronically from EZ-RYDR.  When you sign up to drive, you will provide your bank account information and your payments will be directly deposited on a weekly basis.  You will also be able to access your payment statements whenever you like by signing in to your Driver Account online.


Once the ride has concluded, the RYDR will be prompted to rank your service on a scale from one to five stars, with five being the best rating.  These ratings will be used to develop a driver’s average performance rating that will partially contribute to your end-of-year bonus. There will also be an in-app option for RYDRs to tip you.  It’s not mandatory, but we encourage RYDR to do so if your service exceeds expectations.  The tip will be charged to the RYDR's preferred billing method on their online account and you will receive 100% of that amount.  Any complaints should be sent via email to the customer service email shown on the app. 



Ready to start riding with EZ-RYDR? Our RYDR App is easy to use and is designed with features that let you decide when and where you want to go at your own convenience.


Subscriptions:  There are 5 tiered subscription options designed to guarantee you will avoid any surge pricing during peak hours.  Think of it as a college student's meal plan for transporation.  You can pay for as few as 3 rides per month or all the way up to unlimited rides.  Subscriber's rides are only valid within a 5-mile geofenced area.  

Per Ride:  Want to simply try out our service or don't feel like a subscription fits your needs?  Simply pay per ride, it's that EZ.


EZ-RYDR is available at the click of a button!  Whenever you need a ride, put your pickup and drop-off locations in the app, click request ride, and a certified driver will be on their way to pick you up.  The EZ-RYDR app will estimate your travel distance, as well as display your ETA.  NOTE:  You are allowed to bring as many peope with you as there are seatbelts in the vehicle.  


You will be able to access the driver's profile, including their personal photo, a picture of their vehicle, and average driver rating.  The map will show the planned trip route, ETA, remaining time and remaining distance.  Don't forget about our unique SOS/Panic/Emergency button available at the tip of your fingers just in case an emergency occurs.  


Once your ride has concluded, there will be no payment required since your rides have already been paid for up-front. You will be prompted to rate your driver's service on a scale from one to five stars, with five being the best rating. You and your driver will rate each other so that we can ensure we are promoting a welcoming, enjoyable experience for everyone.  And of course, we encourage you to tip your driver!