Trust, Safety, & Insurance

EZ-RYDR policies have been structured to instill a superior level of trust and safety in all RYDR and Driver partners.  We are fully committed to ensure no corners are cut regarding trust or providing a safe, dependable service.




Safety is EZ-RYDR's number one priority.  No questions asked, no corners cut.  Please review our policies regarding RYDR and Driver safety below.

If you are involved in an accident or safety-related incident, immediatley call local authoirites by dialing 911 or contact local non-emergency line if sufficient.  Our in-app SOS/Panic/Emergency button can also be used if your safety feels threatened.  After pressing the SOS button, local authorities, contacts in your emergency contact list, and EZ-RYDR admin will be notified of the emergency with your real-time location.  


Passengers must be 18 years old to register foer an EZ-RYDR account, unless otherwise stated in your state's legislation.  Drivers may ask a passenger to confirm their age if they suspect they're underage, and reserve the right to cancel their trip if they are indeed under 18 years old.  

EZ-RYDR has a strict "No Weapons" policy for all of its properties, including EZ-RYDR hubs and service centers.  The "No Weapons" policy applies when you are doing business as a representative of EZ-RYDR, which includes periods you are driving for EZ-RYDR or visiting an EZ-RYDR hub.  This policy is also applicable in locations where it is legal to carry a weapon.  Riders have different comfort levels when it comes to weapons, and to avoid customer discomfort or concern for their safety, we ask that you do no carry a weapon at any times as an EZ-RYDR representative.  
At a minimum, a "weapon" includes any form of firearm.  However, items such as hand guns, stun guns, explosives, knives, sling shots and tasers can be defined as weapons.  EZ-RYDR reserves sole judgment on what other items may be defined as a "weapon."  If you aren't sure about whether a particular item is considered a "weapon" under this policy, please contact EZ-RYDR support ( before carrying with you as an EZ-RYDR representative.
Please note that this general policy does not apply to authorized security personnel contracted or employed by EZ-RYDR or to law enforcement personnel.  
If you witness possession of a weapon in an EZ-RYDR vehicle, please let us know by emailing
Smoking inside EZ-RYDR vehicles is against our core value of maintaining positive community relationships.  Some passengers may have respiratory issues or may not be comfortable with the smell, so as a simple sign of respect for everyone within the community you serve, we ask that you please refrain!  If a passenger reports that a driver's vehicle smells like smoke, EZ-RYDR reserves the right to disable that driver's account.
EZ-RYDR has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for drivers.  If you suspect that a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, immediatley call local authoirites by dialing 911 or contact local non-emergency line if sufficient.  Our in-app SOS/Panic/Emergency button can also be used if your safety feels threatened.  After pressing the SOS button, local authorities, contacts in your emergency contact list, and EZ-RYDR admin will be notified of the emergency with your real-time location.  If you do not use the app's SOS feature, follow up your contact with emergency personnel with a phone call or email to EZ-RYDR (

A concern doesn't necessarilly have to be real-time to warrant reporting to EZ-RYDR.  Our support team is available 24/7 for any safety related incidents.  For non-critical incidents or basic inquiries about the Zero Tolerance Policy, you can also sumbit a ticket to

Community Standards

EZ-RYDR strives to create a safe, inclusive, friendly environment for both drivers and riders, and that is only possible if we all contribute!  We are all unique - we come from different backgrounds, associate with different religions, have varying likes and dislikes, etc.  So at the end of the day, be considerate of these principles!  EZ-RYDR holds itself to a high standard of conduct and we encourage the same for our drivers and riders  Consider these 4 simple principles to promote an EZ experience:  Safety First.  Be Kind.  Show Respect.  Be Supportive.

Safety will always be core value #1 in all facets of the EZ-RYDR organization.  As a driver, it's crucial to follow local traffic laws while implementing the recommended best practices mentioned below.  Doing so will promote a safety culture that makes EZ-RYDR the desired alternative for safe transportation!

  • Always follow local driving and traffic laws.  As a RYDR, keep this in mind prior to entering the vehicle and when making any special requests.  And don't forget to buckle up!  

  • Be aware of your surroundings during RYDR pickups and drop-offs.  Ideally, you willl want to pick up the passenger exactly where they requested.  However, the surrounding environment may not accomodate.  For example, if the rider's pickup location does not have a safe place to pull over out of the way of traffic, think of safe alternatives such as 1) calling ahead of time to make sure they're outside waiting as you approach, 2) calling and seeing if they'll meet at a safer pickup location that's close to their original request, or 3) if they're not at the location once you've arrived, circle back around and try again!  There's always plenty of time to do things the right way, and do them safely.

  • Accept rides ONLY through the app - do not pick up street hails.  This is not only a safety principle, but also a legality.  You can only pick up passengers that have been connected through the EZ-RYDR app.  If someone does ask for a ride, have them request the ride through the EZ-RYDR app or suggest downloading the app and requesting a ride.  You will be the closest driver and will alert you to complete the ride request. 

  • Buckle Up!  Drivers should only allow as many passengers as there are seatbelts.  Bigger groups should split into multiple vehicles.  

  • Be Professional.  Always keep the rider's comfort in the forefront of your mind (after safety, of course).  Consider these tips regarding RYDR-driver interaction:  

    • Don't ask for any personal information such as their phone number or to be friends on their social media pages.  If there is a desire to keep in touch, allow the RYDR to ask for you information.

    • We suggest not taking personal calls while servicing a ride request, even though this is a good safety practice in general.  Doing so can create an uncomfortable tension for the passenger, making it a less enjoyable and less welcoming experience.  

    • We recommend avoiding sensitive topics such as dating, politics, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

    • Don't force conversation.  Some passengers prefer a relaxing, peaceful ride, especially after a long day of exams, work, or studying.

  •  Be friendly, but understand what being too friendly is.  Keep the conversations light and let the RYDR lead the chatter to their desired level of interaction
  • At the end of the day, drive safe.  Passenger feedback will be a good indication of how safe or unsafe your driving is or general safety concerns.  Too many negative responses could lead to required supplemental safe driver training to educate and improve on certain issues, or eventually account deactivation.  

Anti-Discrimination Policy

EZ-RYDR is fully committed to maintaining an inclusive, desirable culture, and strive to ensure our users get to and from their destinations safely.  Discrimination against passengers, riders, or EZ-RYDR employees on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, physical/mental disabilities, medical conditions, marital status, age, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.  Refusing passengers with service animals is a violation of EZ-RYDR terms of service.  Discrimination of any kind may result in the offender's deactivation or termination from EZ-RYDR.  

Service Animal Policy
To ensure alignment and compliance with the law and EZ-RYDR's Service Animal Policy, drivers should always allow riders to bring their service animals.  The law and EZ-RYDR's Service Animal Policy state that drivers may not deny service or discriminate against passengers that have service animals.  The driver must ALWAYS allow service animals in their vehicle, regardles of personal opinions, beliefs, or circumstances.  
A service animal is typically a dog that is trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability such as blindness, deafness, or anxiety.  Service animals are not required to wear a tage or vest to be registered.  Riders with service animals do not need to provide any sort of proof that their animal is a service animal.  If the RYDR says it's a service animal, the driver should transport the RYDR.  No questions asked.
EZ-RYDR's goal is to provide safe, comfortable transportation to everyone.  Refusing service to riders with service animals may result in the immediate removal of the driver from EZ-RYDR.
For any questions or concerns about this policy, or would like to report a RYDR who they suspect is taking advantage of the policy, they should call the Service Animal Hotline AFTER they transport the RYDR and their service animal to their drop-off location.
EZ-RYDR's policy states that drivers are permitted to ride with their service animals.  It should be understood that this will reduce the number of allowable passengers the driver can carry, and some passengers may be uncomfortable or allergic around your service animal and are allowed to cancel their request.  If you decide to drive with your service animal, it is recommended to notify riders in advance of the circumstances.  If they are unable to ride with your service animal, the driver must cancel the ride so that they can request another driver.
To report a Service Animal Policy voilation, contact
Pet Policy (Non-Service Animals)
Although drivers aren't allowed to bring their own furry pals along while driving for EZ-RYDR, some passengers will ask to bring their pets along with them when requesting a ride.  Unless the passenger has a service animal, it's 100% up to the driver whether or not to allow the passenger's pet into the vehicle.  
We recommend riders to call their drivers in advance of being picked up to confirm that it's okay to bring their pet(s).
As a driver, if you're okay with it, passengers appreciate your willingness to accomodate their needs!  Providing exceptional service tends to set yourself up best for receiving tips as well.  However, if you prefer the RYDR doesn't bring their pet (non-service animal), we prefer that you politely ask the RYDR to cancel their ride.  If they're charged a fee, they can reach out to EZ-RYDR by contacting and we will tend to the matter.
Wheelchair Policy
EZ-RYDR's policy is that passengers who use a wheelchair that can fit securely into the driver's trunk or backseat without obstructing the driver's view should be reasonably accomodated by EZ-RYDR drivers.  It is the driver's responsibility to make every reasonable effort to transport a passenger and their wheelchair.
If you refuse to provide a ride to a passenger whose wheelchair could be reasonably accomodated, we will initiate a follow-up conversation to better understand why.  Driver who are found to have unreasonably refused to transport passengers with lighweight wheelchairs that can be dismantled or folded are liable to be deactivated from EZ-RYDR.
At EZ-RYDR, we believe that everyone should have access to safe, reliable transportation.  We strive to accomodate a variety of needs that riders may have.  If you pull up and see your RYDR in a wheelchair, you should assume they will need assistance dismantling their wheelchair and/or loading it into the vehicle.  ALWAYS ask first.  Ask them how you can help and follow their guidance to ensure you meet their needs and don't damage anything.  Most manual wheelchairs are designed to fit into most vehicles.  If you believe your passenger is visually impaired, pull over so that the vehicle is optimally aligned with where they are standing.  Be curteous and keep their safety in mind.  Offer a helping hand, but don't touch them unless they ask you to do so.  Once in the vehicle, ask if there's anything else you can do to make the ride more comfortable.  For passengers who are deaf, different means of communication are necessary.  Let them guide you on what form of communication they prefer - writing, text, sign language, etc.  Always do whatever it takes to make their ride experience welcoming, safe, and fun!
Strategize a safe loading zone that avoids traffic obstruction.  Many passengers with manual wheelchairs don't require assistance, so consider asking a RYDR with a disability if there's any way you can assist.  If so, let them guide you.  Different people will have different levels of assistance.  They know their needs better than you, so let them tell you how to help!
Occasionally, larger wheelchairs can't be accomodated.  After making a reasonable effort to load the chair and it still won't fit, the driver should cancel the ride.  If this does happen, drivers should notify EZ-RYDR so that we can reach out to that passenger and identify optimal resources for their needs.
Account Security
EZ-RYDR only asks for info that will make your experience with us as simple as possible.  Follow a few of these simple tips and guidelines to protect your personal information. 
EZ-RYDR only asks for the information mentioned below when you register or if you have initiated contact with us.  If you receive a phone call from someone asking for the info below but you didn't reach out to us, hang up or ignore it.  Never give out the following personal information:
  • Phone number
  • Phone number verification code
  • Driver's license
  • Credit card number or bank account information


If you get a new phone number, please update it on your personal EZ-RYDR profile.  If you happen to sell your device, be sure to log out of the app first.  If you've lost your device, we recommend reaching contacting AND going online and changing your account password.  This will be preventive measures to avoid others from accessing your EZ-RYDR account.

EZ-RYDR will only contact you from email addresses ending in  Emails with other extensions are not from EZ-RYDR. 

When using an internet browser, ensure that the URL begins with https:// before logging into your account or using a website.  Be cautious of links or websites that use the EZ-RYDR logo but don't have the correct extension in the url (  If you log in from a public computer or computer available for others to use, remember to log out when you're finished.  If you haven't already, please verify your email address.



Every Driver is required by law to carry their residing state's minimum liability limits, which may vary by state.  EZ-RYDR will carry a $1,000,000 limit of liability policy.  Although not required, it is recommended for EZ-RYDR Drivers to consult their insurance provider and seek advice regarding increasing their limits and/or adding an endorsement for being a ridesharing Driver.